The Lune

est. 2015

kathleen willard
david mutschlecner
c. s. mills

vicente huidobro
anne waldman x emma gomis
nick hranilovich

sarah alcaide-escue
reed bye
david mutschlecner

The Lune

est. 2015

The Lune is an independent publisher of poetry and poetics. Our catalog features contemporary work informed by contemplative and collaborative practices, including philosophy and translation.We are of many phases. What began as a journal of eleven word poems became a chapbook series (2016), which became a polyphonic quarterly (2017). Today, we represent one or two exceptional titles per year.Poetry is never less than metaphysics. We care deeply about how meaning changes and grows. How everything seems to exceed its definition.


The Lune

est. 2015

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Electric Grace

Kathleen Willard
$12.95 | ISBN 9781732874183 | 2024

“A friend of mine once described a poem as a broken reliquary, a suggestion I never truly understood until I read Kathleen Willard’s Electric Grace. Now I see a poem is a reliquary that builds itself a holiness it cannot hold, the sacred shattering the confines that would contain it. It is a rare thing, but a fine one, to discover a poet tuned by awe into her truest song—the rapture, the rupture, thereof. Her poems promises us an old promise, that verse—turn by turn—act in our minds and hearts as experiences of conversion, turning us inward to the soul’s lonely longing, and turning us outward in equal measure, to speak with the wolves and birds of the wild world.” — Dan Beachy-Quick

Forthcoming (October 2024)

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Mortal Tenderness

David Mutschlecner
$12.95 | ISBN 9781732874176 | 2024

“In what could be reckoned as holy paradox, brokenness can lead to transcendence. By transcendence I do not mean an overt transfiguration, but an inner-opening that elevates the human spirit. Poetry can sometimes shock or stun us, but I don’t know if this equates with its transcendental power. The elevation of the human spirit is an awakening that might unfold throughout a human life. By transcendence I mean something that roots through an ancient crack in our consciousness; it may be very quiet, but it is utterly vital. The work — or the grace — of transcendence is not ancillary to poetry, but is its very center. Mortal tenderness bears forth the flower that keeps us human.”

Forthcoming (June 2024)

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Drift Gestures

C. S. Mills
$16.95 | ISBN 9781732874169 | 2023

A work of mythopoeic crosscurrents subsumed in language: ecological soundings, alchemical inquiries, celestial correspondences, interspecies cantillation. Informed by the author’s fieldwork with endangered shorebirds, by the Great Lakes and greater seasons, three movements coinhere to form an undulating vision of perception as grace.

“An utterly contemporary text with deep roots in ancient knowledges and sensibilities. A ceremony of water, stone, sky, least sandpipers and terns. Shorelines and lunar cycles... These are rare pleasures not found in every book. Here is a rare book. Open it.” — Holly Wren Spaulding“This book is new philosophy and old science—alchemy, and astrology—meta-natural hymns, invocations and evocations, mystical readings of water, moon, stone and stars... I wish everyone open enough, lucky enough, to be pulled into the seiche of this fathoming book.” — Moheb SolimanDrift Gestures breaks down the membranes of the cells between all living things into an explosive elemental connectedness to the natural world.” — Kathleen Willard

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El Creacionismo

Vicente Huidobro, tr. by Jonathan Simkins
$18 | ISBN 9781732874145 | 2022

Chilean poet Vicente Huidobro's "Creationism"—conceived circa 1912—holds that a new object of the imagination is universally translatable because its substance is free of all laws that would otherwise govern its meaning. Transnational, multilingual, and extradisciplinary, "Creationism" fomented a body of work that remains essential to understanding the poet's visionary, disruptive role in a world increasingly destabilized by the insularity of human technique.

El Creacionismo collects Jonathan Simkins widely published and acclaimed English translations alongside Huidobro's original Spanish texts in a new bilingual edition, with a foreword by Leo Lobos.

“We will rediscover in these poems by Vicente Huidobro... the resources revitalized by the avant-garde to transmit the historic vertigo of a fractured world, to contemplate and respond to the immanent belonging of certain places, and finally to open a dialogue between cultures, identities and languages.” — Leo Lobos

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Goslings to Prophecy

Anne Waldman & Emma Gomis
$15 | ISBN 9781732874152 | 2021

“We were thinking about tone, self-definition removal, no projection of 'message' agitating language from its memory bank. Or directed personally with personal details. To the contrary Another kind of salute. Obtuse? And wanting to honor sonnet and her spins."

for Jos Charles

I searched for a bloom, constant ellipsis
Carried shades, and loves, filled up on maxims
They take on aphoristic qualities
Their shoals reside in quiet paradox
They move and roll over smooth pink pale stones
I have known how to fly with limbs spread out
That peaches can give you eternal life
That the faces you see in the stones are
People who have been turned by Medusa

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Marrow Music

A cento by Nick Hranilovich
$12 | ISBN 9781732874138 | 2020

Canto-sieve of ‘rocky lurid stars’ filtering light through the Voice beyond measure. Marrow Music is a cento re-sounding twenty-nine poets published by The Lune from 2015 - 2017: a chapbook series sampled and remastered into one symphonic text.

When I walk past the tree I am holding
all rises and falls
my heart bursting open,
flowers scratched into a pattern
unlike anything ever seen,
my Desires break across the horizon
Like fireworks.
Amongst the Golden Floods
Hoping the shadows might reveal themselves,
I am a damp veil
a mad dame alive in mud
And worms and frost linger
lazy like blood.

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Bruised Gospel

Sarah Alcaide-Escue
$15 | 9781732874121 | 2020

“This is the poetry of pressure, uncontainable lyrics so tightly constructed they explode through a world injured and marked by its injuries, but healing and filled with the most wondrous light.” — Jay Hopler“Escue bridges the tender and the terrible, exploring and examining the sadnesses and slow glories that bind us together.” — Emma Bolden“Escue writes the image at the edge: of birth and death, plain and forest, water and shore. Like stardust in the alpine dew, Bruised Gospel proclaims the reworking of potential into energy, picking up dead lines and branches to weave a wreath, a collage, a photograph, a poem.” — Robert Eric Shoemaker“Through permutations of the elements into language, the generation of sentience submerged into matter, and the alchemy of decay, the incantatory lyrics of Bruised Gospel find "rebirth through refuge.” — Jonathan Simkins“If, in this unfolding new year, I can find the faith to pray again, it will be a bruised prayer, and if I find the voice to share the good news, it will be a bruised gospel. Sarah Escue’s poems are a flame on the tongue, a hymn to unity.” — J'Lyn Chapman

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Morning Rites

Reed Bye
$18 | ISBN 9781732874114 | 2019

“Reed Bye lets the round world come into the round eye on its own terms. There is no imposition, no going out there, so to speak, because whatever we are is already ‘round the pools.’ There is no subterfuge, no guile. Deep clarity is found – by a rare wonder – in pure utterance.” — David Mutschlecner“A rich array of sensory intuitions brought to life in the play of language… representations so acute and precise ‘like silk thread through an atom’ that, by their reading, reawaken our faculties like the first blinking sensations of the morning.” — Tyler Burba“Is onwardness a thing? Well it’s made into a lovely wise seeing & speaking thing here in Morning Rites, a deeply kind way to hear walking in one’s legs & contribute to the woof while being & consciousness stand off between questions.” — Anselm Berrigan“These rites assay secret activity, the motion in stasis, in matter, mapping out the bodied experiences behind the poem, behind the day. The aubadic narrator asks urgent questions with careful urgency, how to both capture and generate the thought, how to uncover a self-love that does not overflow into a denial of other.” — Ella Longpre

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Poetic Faith

David Mutschlecner
$18 | ISBN 9781732874107 | 2019

Poetic Faith is a singular study of timeless themes in the poet's practice. With disarming clarity and compassion, Mutschlecner celebrates our "radical contingency," the "active mystery of what most vitally informs the world." Gazing with the author through the lens of theopoetics, we see poetry shine a radiant and forgiving light into theology, cleansing it of dogmatism while nurturing inclusivity.

“Not singing of the world, but singing to it, Mutschlecner offers us an invitation foolhardy to decline: ‘Stay with the world awhile. Linger.’ He writes with light, as light; all one need do is let the eye adjust, take a patient breath, and see.” — Dan Beachy-Quick“In brief meditative chapters, luminous as reveries, David Mutschlecner continues his investigation of poetics through Being’s illuminating lenses—philosophy, theology—always moving toward clarity: the self emptied of dogma. There is room for the whole cosmos.” — Mary Cisper“Here is a new grammar, the syntax whose copula finally, fully conjoins as the ‘simple is of any of us, when it is cupped and loved, becomes the inclusive Is of all of us.’” — Elizabeth Robinson

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