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El Creacionismo

Vicente Huidobro, tr. by Jonathan Simkins
$18 | ISBN 9781732874145

“We will rediscover in these poems by Vicente Huidobro... the resources revitalized by the avant-garde to transmit the historic vertigo of a fractured world, to contemplate and respond to the immanent belonging of certain places, and finally to open a dialogue between cultures, identities and languages.”
Leo Lobos

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Goslings to Prophecy

Anne Waldman & Emma Gomis
$15 | ISBN 9781732874152

“We were thinking about tone, self-definition removal, no projection of 'message' agitating language from its memory bank. Or directed personally with personal details. To the contrary Another kind of salute. Obtuse? And wanting to honor sonnet and her spins."

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Marrow Music

A cento by Nick Hranilovich
$12 | ISBN 9781732874138

Canto-sieve of ‘rocky lurid stars’ filtering light through the Voice beyond measure. Marrow Music is a cento re-sounding twenty-nine short collections published by The Lune from 2015 - 2017: a chapbook series sampled and remastered into one symphonic text.

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Bruised Gospel

Sarah Alcaide-Escue
$15 | 9781732874121

“This is the poetry of pressure, uncontainable lyrics so tightly constructed they explode through a world injured aånd marked by its injuries, but healing and filled with the most wondrous light.”
Jay Hopler

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Morning Rites

Reed Bye
$18 | ISBN 9781732874114

“Reed Bye lets the round world come into the round eye on its own terms. There is no imposition, no going out there, so to speak, because whatever we are is already ‘round the pools.’ There is no subterfuge, no guile. Deep clarity is found – by a rare wonder – in pure utterance.”
David Mutschlecner

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Poetic Faith

David Mutschlecner
$18 | ISBN 9781732874107

“Not singing of the world, but singing to it, Mutschlecner offers us an invitation foolhardy to decline: ‘Stay with the world awhile. Linger.’ He writes with light, as light; all one need do is let the eye adjust, take a patient breath, and see.”
Dan Beachy-Quick

The Lune Quarterly

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Imperative of the Night
Sherry Luo
Memory Palace
Jaime Robles
The Slightest Bearing
Nicholas Fuenzalida
All the Parts of the Animal
Eleni Padden
Yet Wave
Genelle Chaconas
Curtis Romero


Our Lady of Obligations
Laura Chalar
I Should Have Been Linen
Ginger Teppner
The Fish Turned the Waters Over
Alicia Cahalane Lewis


Tara Walker
Counter Fluencies: 1-20
Mark DuCharme
j/j hastain


Leaving the Lecture on Dance
Nina Pick
This Is The Crucible
Jonathan Simkins
Useless Lodestone & Other Poems
Thomas Phalen

Innisfree Series

No. 18: W. Scott Howard
No. 17: Olga Broumas & T Begley
Jamais Vu
No. 16: Ryan Wade Ruehlen
Jack Angel
No. 15: Alan Mudd
Red King
No. 14: Third Eye Broadcast
No. 13: Lisette Alonso
The Album of Untaken Photos
No. 12: Joanna Ruocco
The Boghole & the Beldame

No. 11: Maureen Seaton
No. 10: Anne Waldman
Dream Book of Fez
No. 9: Marielle Grenade-Willis
Prairie Crocus
No. 8: Ella Longpre
Apocalune, a separation cosmology
No. 7: Laura Cesarco Eglin
Occasions to Call Miracles Appropriate
No. 6: Jack Collom
Yes And No
No. 5: Reed Bye
What's This

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No. 4

Pomes Penyeach by James Joyce

A moondew stars her hanging hair
And moonlight kisses her young brow
And, gathering, she sings an air:
Fair as the wave is, fair, art thou!
Be mine, I pray, a waxen ear
To shield me from her childish croon
And mine a shielded heart for her
Who gathers simples of the moon
(from "Simples," Trieste, 1914)


No. 3

On Your Person

“A dream, at once a prophecy and the adaptation of a myth. A dome, a miniature replica of a blue hemisphere. I could weep.”
Ella Longpre

No. 2

Please Do Touch

“And then I said to summer
Show yourself
& summer stood still.
I saw perfectly clear the hunger apparent
in energy's purpose
The time that kills with the space that fills
and I spoke and I meant it”
Matt Clifford

forthcoming 2023

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C. S. Mills
Vicente Huidobro / Jonathan Simkins
Anne Waldman / Emma Gomis
Nick Hranilovich
Sarah Alcaide-Escue
Reed Bye
David Mutschlecner
James Joyce

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